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Create Healthier

Hi, I am Natalia! I am a Life Coach dedicated to helping single people and couples end unhealthy relational patterns, release suffering, and return to connection.  

Let's get started!

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My Approach

I have a direct intuitive approach where I value your time and give you gentle honest feedback. The foundation of my work is in the art of conscious relationships, which centers around taking self-responsibility and having awareness over your relational behavioral patterns. My role is to provide a safe nurturing space for you to explore and heal past wounds, and guide you towards  a healthier sustainable partnership.

Janessa M.

“Words cannot even begin to say how great Natalia is. She goes above and beyond what I expected in each session. I went through a terrible breakup and she not only helped me realize what was blocking me from the love I am truly wanting, but she also created a safe space to do the deep healing work. She is truly such a positive light!"
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My Story

My innate curiosity about human behavior and the value of human connection pathed the way towards my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Expressive Arts Therapy, and a BA in Psychology. I have years of experience midwifing clients through heartbreak, grief, life changes, codependency, stress and more. However, it was my own relational challenges, back-to-back losses, and the school of life that knocked me off my feet and catapulted me into the healing work I teach today.